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My virtual laboratory

Idea of this virtual laboratory, came to me during one of our lab discussions where in I was thinking of putting of my collection of plant breeding tools and ideas at a place of easy access, organized and useful for every plant breeding enthusiast. Since there are not many websites on plant breeding available, I thought this virtual laboratory should be a vivid, lively and content oriented site and should be constantly growing.

Initially I designed these web pages as personal web columns, putting whatever I can here, but later I modified those keeping an average student of plant breeding in mind, who learns the art and science of plant breeding by constant searches, unknowingly enriching his understanding while browsing through numerous links and web logs, and through more serious matters such as papers, concept notes and publications. So remnants of my personal pages in full or in part are still embedded within these pages.

My learning of plant breeding was mainly through my insatiable searches on whatever I could lay my hands on the subject of genetics and plant breeding. I wanted to impart the power of this learning technique to any plant breeding student. He should know his teacher more closely without even interacting with him.

In this laboratory, you can find,

  • some of my shares on plant genetics and breeding world in my blog section, Plant-Breeding

  • Some of my experiments with statistical programming, in downloads

  • Links that I crisscrossed during my never ending searches (its still growing)

  • My picture gallery

  • Protocols used in plant breeding labs

  • some news on conferences, and interesting events

  • My publications

My mentor

I am very much indebted to Dr M Maheswaran, Professor (Biotechnology), Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, who as a teacher, philosopher and a mentor of many plant breeding scientists, for his encouragements and inspirations, which formed the foundation of this virtual laboratory.  He always reminded me that every failure, every missed opportunity, and every discontent should be used to construct more stronger and long lasting achievements in our scientific endeavors.

and me...

To know more about me, please visit pages on me, my career, my profession and my training.


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